patioPatio Doors in Angus & Dundee

patioOur modern patio doors can provide you with a modern look to the rear entrance of your home allowing your property to open into your garden in a luxurious and enjoyable way. By increasing the amount of natural light let in, our in-line sliding doors are a wonderful way to improve the aesthetic of your home.

We have a number of different styles including the traditional in-line sliding patio doors as well as French doors that open like casement windows and bi-fold doors that create a maximum amount of space in the doorway. In the right season, the space our glass door solutions offer will make the bridge between your home and garden accessible enough to almost be open plan.

Our tall glass patio doors will create a wonderful look for your home on the outside and the inside. The natural light that it lets in and the sense of space created by the large panes of high quality, clear glass will bring all the positive qualities of the summer seasons flooding into your home on a regular basis.